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What is "PIKADON" : (Version Française)

A collective experiment of mutation ?
Or only a remix album of Yoshiwaku 3 Best Of, the essential of his music since 2011 :

- Both, at the same time, it depends on you : if you just listen...
Or if you choose to spend a little of your time to discover what is hidden behind the music... *

Why Pikadon pop up at the dawn of 2020 ?

In this beginning of 2020, the interest of creating any kind of art is more than ever relativized by the catastrophic state of this world.
The absence of real political change is indicative of the fact that we will never be anything but sacrificial cattle. We may be naive to not see the genocide...
Whether it is organized or whether the leaders just let it happen voluntarily. And yet it is this kind of creative response that I think is important to share today.

- A distress rocket can also be used to draw attention to a solution particularly suited to the current situation...
A bit like these living dead, who come out of the earth, to show that free culture is not dead, it is just underground.
And when people, despite the deadly attachment to the habits that characterize them, are finally considering, pushed by the imperative of the cataclysm, to get rid of the capitalist model. To demonstrate that there are ways of living together that make sense like :
The sharing of resources, the creation of commons ... The creative commons licenses were a first step, failing to release free all the water, we could try to create our own source.
A local counterculture is another thing needed. As in France in the 70s, there was no network of spaces to play concerts, or press for the free forms musics, it was therefore necessary to create them. Today, it seems necessary to develop a local culture. If it was necessary to retain a point from May-June 68 in france, it would be to have freed the expression. In 2020, showing, outside the internet, that there is a non-capitalist counterculture, would bring immense hope to the actual social struggles.

What differentiates free counterculture from capitalist commercial culture ?

It's built on the idea of sharing in opposition to the idea of property. It's spontaneous, flexible, non-competitive, non-exclusive, nor excluding ... It only asks to live. And what could be better than a common culture to avoid the capitalism ? If the people want the revolution, this radical change, perhaps it would be necessary to start it, not only with the demonstrative rejection of the tyrants orders, but also with the complete rejection of propaganda. That is to say that if I am against capitalism, this is only true, if I do not live like capitalist, the least possible, but be free, the most possible.

In reality free culture is not a counter culture, but a meta culture, it's in this that it cannot be overcome, it's the manifestation of the aspiration for freedom that each subculture necessarily reaches at a state of its development. It finds itself faced with the same problem, of the dominant capitalist culture hegemony. A predatory culture, which destroys all other forms if it cannot swallow it up. On the one hand and on the other hand, the limit of creation : all creative form, has for principal direction, to develop the knowledge of oneself, its environment and the way in which both interact, therefore fatally finds itself confronted with the prison that forms the capitalist society. Whether it's an open air prison or not, whether we wear the bars ourselves or not.

Who is Yoshiwaku Mushotoku :

A vaguely humanoid sound generator or a kind of synthetic shaman ?

- It's a solo project focus on electronic improvisation. It's also the last mutation of "OresteS", which was known as "TKno BeurK" in the beginning in 1998.

He's also a member of the anarcho-post-situationist band "La 6ème République" and of the noise supergroupe "K/W/A/Y" and of the plunderphonic collective without head "Vivid Tribe Of Psychics"
More d'information here

List and links of the projects involve in Pikadon.

InDusTreeAlLace Productions
Filmy Ghost
Kecap Tuyul
Jordi Heras Fauque
Ben Presto
Temple ov Saturn
Gabriel Pereira Spurr
{AN} EeL
Bleak Star
Suzana's Bauten
Whalt Thisney
Gino Favotti
Bunker Palace
Neal Beard and his Machines
Jeff Sampson
Hugo Paquete
pepe wismeer
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt
Dream Drunk
Nicolas Tourney
Thomas Park
Mike Stand Productions
Nina Kardec
Launay G

Pikadon is share under creative commons license


PIKADON is a coproduction between these netlabels :
Cian Orbe Netlabel
Eg0cide Productions
Murmure Intemporel
The Necrophile Humingbird

Several technical explanations :

The playlist generally takes the same order as on the 3 best of. It was not planned, but the coherence of the whole allowed it. The intuitive and spontaneous management of the project made possible to subvert its constraints, whether by the presence of several versions of the same song, in this case only the version that was planned is placed in the right order, the other is at the end of the playlist. Some songs combine several other songs. Two people made two remixes, for Mescalibur it was by choice to allow an exception, and for {AN} Eel it was by mistake, but since nobody made his second song, I kept his both tracks. For two tracks the process is reversed, they are mash-ups that I made from 3 songs by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt and 3 songs by Gino Favotti. The last track includes the soundtrack of the promotional video clip art which combines several remixes. And I probably forget some transgressions.

Light Dedication :

Pikadon is dedicated to those who participated in Necktar 2017 and have died since : A few of your dreams are shining in our eyes. A bit of your spirits are vibrating in this music.

Burst Dedication :

Pikadon is dedicated to all the people who are trying to free themselves from the madness of their leaders. Who are trying to get rid of capitalism to save the planet, humanity and all living creatures.

Thanks :

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each participant for the meeting of our sound universes.
Thanks to the netlabels without whom this project would have been a little too ambitious for my frail shoulders.
Thanks to Sono Sion for the discovery of Pikadon in his film "Rabu & Pîsu".

P I K A D O N is also
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On Hearthis
On Soundcloud
On Dogmazic
On SoundShiva
On ClongClong

* *

What are the origins of Pikadon ?

Whatever the qualities of the music created in the Yoshiwaku project, even if it is not a "tribute", the risk of appearing as a self-celebration was a serious brake. What weighed in the balance, it's because I'm not able to extend my time to the infinity, so I was terribly frustrated to do not be able to collaborate with many soundfriends. When I have conclude these best of, it seemed obvious to me that their format, covering a high evolution amplitude and extended over time, was perfect to do a collective project and that it would make an interesting space for musical researches. It was also an opportunity for me to do a "stress test" to see if my personal situation allowed me to continue soon with the last Necktar 2017 episode or not.

Since the 9th episode of Necktar 2017,the meta compilation is waiting, the 10th episode need certains recreation skills to be done with accuracy, so it seemed to be necessary to do several experiments before. Since then, several notable experiments have taken place in this perspective. Beyond Magick Dreams by Multiple Personality 3, the A Side is an improvisation split in several parts, and the B Side the recreations. Karithat Muqaddas by TKno BeurK is another splitted improvisation, mutate in an upgrade version and in a remix version.

To be precise, the first experiences date back to Necktar 2017 volume 6 with the recreation of a cult film (if the video is not above use this link to watch it) soundtrack with the collective Zone fusION : Destroy this system or destroy you
Followed by these other experiences : Prima Materia Retort / Last Matter Retort / Now Matter

In any cases, Pikadon seems to be the most complete experience to date.
Its objective is this long learning journey, this quest about how a track can be evolved. The transmutation ("upgrade") of sound ...
Even if it is at a certain distance, it's a collective space / time of sharing. An exchange, confronting our practices, discovering the creative processes of each... Also by creating together to discover how to play with constraints, so that they become freedoms. Example, at one point in its development, the netlabel Cian Orbe, applied an editorial line which could be a form of exclusion. I almost intervened to suggest ideas, but what we have found through experience others will find it too, so I had the joy of discovering that next they set up also the distribution of the tracks which were not included in the main project.

What is the meaning of Pikadon ?

It is possible that some are surprised by the first track of Pikadon, in another project, it could have been excluded.

How to discern, a naturally dissonant track from a track involontary dissonant, a sincere track from a baclated track ?
It is not always possible, but when there is almost no concession to consensuality, it is not so difficult to make a difference.

Here precisely, there is no room for competition, for any desire of aesthetic perfection, it is not uniformity that is sought, but diversity.
Not the form, but the essence. And precisely the shape of this track is very free and its essence is in phase. We are in a sound experiment. What seems important to me is not the result, but the process, the way the experimenter is transformed. The way the experimenters are transformed.

I listen to less noise music than a few years ago, maybe for me its transgressive character is eroded, or it's like for the ambient, since a software allows to produce at will, it has become a caricature style, even if like often it concerns mostly the mainstream. Yet, what I appreciate in noise is to get out of the filter of analysis, to escape critical judgment, to be able to be perceived only through the prism of experience. Did I say to feel ? That the noise opens our horizons, allows us to develop further our listening skill.

This track for me is a reminder of what sets us apart from a commercial project. It is not so much the project that defines the tracks, but the tracks that define the project.
It is perhaps, only the play of my imagination, however this track was the revealer, of the deep sense of what was created. Did I say a koan ? Including it, changed me, reminded me that for me, in any creative projects, it is vital to do not exclude, to find a way of making choices that leaves room for everyone. And giving to this track the opportunity to start Pikadon is asking an effort to the public, it is putting the audience face to face with her responsibilities : if she stops at appearances, if she does not accept imperfection, if she doesn't persevere, she remains captive of a bubble, of a reality as cramped and sterile than the one which the GAFA are building around us. It is an invitation to really change the way we live.

In short, some will feel it, others will not make the difference with an ordinary commercial music project... I think it's impossible to say everything that is going on behind the music, but I hope that these few elements of reflection will allow those who are curious, if they doubted it, to have the confirmation, that Pikadon is a little more than common spectacular music.

A word about the invasion of usurpers simulacra :

The last word to denounce the proliferation of lures. Some time ago I was interested in participating in the adventure of a local associative café oriented towards popular education. Because it seemed vital to me that part of the population could meet together in a non-commercial space. To avoid the risks of recovery, a charter had to be put in place: anticapitalist, antiracist, antisexist ...
An idea that seemed fundamental to me was the setting up of a Cabaret, such as I saw in Montreal, During the evening everyone wrote on a black board what he wanted to present, and play... There is no division like artists and public, but humans who share their passions. Who take the risk of opening up to the others. Sharing : giving and receiving, unlike a commercial act, without cause and effect.
After the charter disappeared, ethical issues meant that I had to quickly dissociate myself from the project. Since then, this place exists, but instead of a Cabaret, and its spirit, it's artists who perform here, even if they are paid by "pay what you want", for me without any real political project of opposition to capitalism, it's entertainment, and it seems worse to me than commercial entertainment, because here, the artists are not even guaranteed a salary for their work. A dummy, a form without essence, a false answer to a real problem ... This seems to me to reveal the dysfunctions of this country, France, which sells electric cars instead of developing cycle lanes, which sells arms and claims to be humanist