rADio eNd (Version Française)

A process more than a simple musical project...
It is a rhizome with multiple antennae that probes space and time in search of the keys that will allow humanity to leave the iron prison.
Appeared by magic in the fall of 2020, driven by an imperative necessity, perhaps this is linked to the authoritarian drift of the state in fRance combined with climate inaction.
Here the republic erected as a religion adorns itself with ideals such as "Liberté Egalité Fraternité" while nearly never having applied them.Their "brotherhood" is just a corruption network. It is mostly a name squatting for capitalism. As Antonella said "each one a self made religion", money is not my god, for me it would be humanity : the collective subconscious.
The idea is that if someone need to believe in something, it is obvious there is a need, and to let an empty space help mostly nasty things like... an other example, the spectacle society to grow up here.
Indeed rather than a frontal fight which would amount just us to play a role in the tragedy, it seems to me that the main idea is to show that nothing is written.
Everything has to be written, all dreams are possible if we decide to write our future.
Thus rADio eNd is being set up, a collaborative pool to help the emergence of new sound forms, which borrows the versality of radio to free itself from any shackles.
Once again make resounding music resolutely not normal like a little light through the darkness...
We can also consider that it is an additional echo to the long chain of singularities that began with Necktar, then it continued with Necktar 2017 and then the specials PIKADON and "The World is Over!". Likewise the seeker of another chain of singularities, the one whose Multiple Personality 3, PIRATE Tapes and TKno BeurK are mainly the fruit of my collaboration with Alain Grille aka Studio 112. As well as lastly a mutation of Zone fusION which was already a collaborative pool, resulting from Necktar 2017. It is a lot, in any case it seems, that it is the junction of these three* sources which gave birth to this synthetic vortex that is rADio eNd.

* 3 sources ... to be more precise it would also be necessary to note the preponderant role of A Symbiotic Experience in the new form of the process.
Curious year zero, for a year when in theory I wanted to devote as little time as possible to music in order to devote myself to writing, it was already quite busy without the surprise appearance of rADio eND. With a little hindsight it was undoubtedly necessary, because following the census this summer of my previous projects I wanted to bring together all the active projects in one. While remaining very skeptical about the maneuver as I had already tried to do it (in vain ...) for the sampling side by creating Vivid Tribe of Psychics. More informations are available in English on the album pages, for example the origin of the name rADio eNd and it will be compiled soon on this page.

Sound & Voices contributors who already contributed :
Amandine Prost
Antonella EYE Porcelluzzi
Ben Presto
Bissecta SâVge
Charles Rice Goff III
Damaris Baker
Farabi Toshiyuki Suzuki
Ed End
Innocent but Guilty

Magic Bullet
Peter Hope
Studio 112
Walt Thisney


Discography (Free Download) :
OddSchool with Peter Hope & Studio 112
Underground Culture with Peter Hope & Studio 112
Hum Antenna with Peter Hope & Studio 112 & Konejo
We Are The Intermorphs with Studio 112 & Amandine Prost & ardleg
Sound Therapy with Farabi Toshiyuki Suzuki
Genesis Launch with Antonella EYE Porcelluzzi & Innocent but Guilty & Studio 112
Paroxysmic Rhapsody Part 1 with Ben Presto & Planetaldol Part 2 with Innocent But Guilty & Myrh & Bissecta sâVge & Walt Thisney
Réseau Culte with ardleg & Magic Bullet & KHΛOMΛИ
Salvator Salvandus with Charles Rice Goff III
Operating System with Damaris Baker & Studio 112
Perfect Mind City (work-in-progress)
Mantra Wave (work-in-progress with Studio 112)
The ArzaK Suites (work-in-progress)

Video Art Clips

Tracks on the compilations :
A Loss Hard To Measure
Camembert Electrique Netlabel V/A ¡ AY CARAMBA !
Internet Daemon Netlabel V/A Witches & Warlocks
Cian Orbe Netlabel Music tribute to Lain Serial Experiment
Cian Orbe Netlabel Music inspired in Anime
Shorty Music "My City" Volume IV
Fieldmice ESVB Volume 3 (Under reserve)

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The albums are governed by the principle of Non-EXclusiviTy, each participant can distribute them on their bandcamp, soundcloud, etc. platforms, or offer them for distribution on other netlabels.
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