REF HHT1 : Anachronic Sacrifice by Multiple Personality 3
(33 numbered copies 90 mn full lenght)
Allready available on the album bandcamp page
Or on the netlabel Internet Archive. Direct Free Download link in mp3.

If anyone want to add our band to their wishlist or in their bandcamp collection, or to be informate about the new releases, there is two instrumental version of Exodus & Pink Bean available in "pay what you want zero include".

Its genesis was quite complexe...

The first recorded track is "Haunted by the Ghosts" it was an improvisation we wanted to add to our live set.

The other tracks have been mostly compose to be able to create a video tribute to Derek Jarman.


Obsolescence has been develop for our new live set.

The two last tracks added to the album : Exodus and Pink Bean, have been made to invite two friends

to sing two old poems translate in english.

Despite it's first a great example of horsnorme music, it's possible to link this album to the following styles :
Post-punk / No wave / Krautrock / Noise Rock / Post-industrial
Also it's possible to find back the following influences inside :
Minimal Compact / Minimal Man / Tuxedomoon / Coil / Psychic TV / Chrome

About the quotes of Austin Osman Spare in Libertine to the Gods & God in the Gutter... It's a mystery.
Pink Bean is an allusion to the pink light that Philipp K. Dick experienced in 1974...


REF HHT2 : Shagreen Tape by PIRATE Tapes
(23 numbered copies 90 mn full lenght)
Allready available on the album bandcamp page
Or on the netlabel Internet Archive. Direct Free Download link in mp3.

About its genesis...
It's first a kind of memorial to a friend left too much early.
A way to do this grief. At the same time it's a tribute to the poetry of 3 poets.

After the improvisation session we were talking of what kind of poetry would fit to upgrade few tracks.

And I remembered that amazing short film of Marguerite Duras : the negative hands.
Last time I've watch it I thought the poetry was awesome but the music not as relevant... Same thing for the visual little bit easy trick. I mean this only for my own taste. That's why we have try to make it something more in our sensibility.

For the poetry of René Daumal, it's a long story, should I say love story ? Since 2002 I've create a website to share "Les poètes du Grand Jeu" poetry and I've been several time interpretating their poems, in Chromatic with the album "Starblendmoon" and Symbol Of Subversion "Serta Zikaï" first track.

Also as we would PIRATE Tapes explore different ways our main project Multiple Personality 3, we were looking for someone to help us.
Myrh found us, and sometime you just feel that everything is as it should be. Well it was amazing discovery, and we hope, go further with her,
seeking what can show up from the meeting of our inner worlds. She brought the poetry of Fahmida Riaz and it is meaningful for us like for our dead friend, being that kind of soft person who always made his own choises despite how it can be hard to live like that in this world.

The 4 chapters of Honoré de Balzac novel "La peau de Chagrin" (Shagreen skin) are the first titles.


REF HHT3 : Shadow Of Fire by Yoshiwaku
(13 numbered copies Full lenght 60 mn)


REF HHT4 : Dawn of the Damned by Gabriel Pereira Spurr & Yoshiwaku
(18 numbered copies Full Lenght 90 mn)


REF HHT5 : Mushotoku Ear Bleeding by Yoshiwaku & PIRATE Tapes & A Symbiotic Experience & CorteX & Twin Realities Dreamers
(18 numbered copies Full Lenght 90 mn)

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