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"Art is now a marchandise, but Creation is still our revolutionary tool."

PIRATE UTOPIA : Albion Moonlight [English 42 mn]
[ZIK:Vivid Tribe Of Psychics][POETRY:Kenneth Patchen][FILMS:Bunuel/Jean Painlevé]
[KEYWORDS:Anti-Capitalist/Anti-Nuclear/Situationist/Beat Generation]

The Alternative Psychedelic Experience [Instrumental 41 mn]
[ZIK:Vivid Tribe Of Psychics][POETRY:Timothy Leary/Ram Dass]
[FILMS:Daniel Pommereul/Pierre Clémenti/Etienne O'Leary/JX Williams/Eberhard and Phyllis Kronhausen]

Terminal Acid Kaleidoscope Experience [Instrumental 71 mn]
[ZIK:Parrhesia Sound System][FILMS:Maya Deren/Robert Florey/Slavko Vorkapich/Ralph Steiner/Eugene Deslaw/Len Lye]

The Raven 2011
[English 36 mn]
[ZIK:Thanato with Oleg's Sound System][POETRY:Edgar Alan Poe][FILM:Ed End]

Subhuman Messages [Instrumental 23 mn]
[ZIK:Yoshiwaku][POETRY:Antony and the Johnsons][FILMS:Henri Michaux & Steven F. Arnold]
[KEYWORDS:Pandrogynous/Noise Fantasy/Biomechanoids/Glitch Art/Experimental Jitter/Subliminal Message]

Thru Dog Star Man Eyes [Instrumental 47 mn]
[ZIK:Twin Realities Dreamer][FILMS:Stan Brakhage]

ONE Of The Parrallel Movies
[English 27 mn]
[ZIK:Wild Worm Web][FILMS:Yoko Ono/Jean Luc Godard/Richard Leacock/D.A. Pennebaker/Anthony Scott]

DA DA DA [Français 40 mn]
[ZIK:Twin Realities Dreamer][POETRY:Various][FILMS:Hans Richter]

The Idea [Instrumental 25 mn]
[ZIK:Parrhesia Sound System][FILM:Berthold Bartosch]
[KEYWORDS:Animation/Masterpiece/Ideal/Domain Public]

Zero ' Love With Lot In Sodom [Instrumental 14 mn]
[ZIK:Chromatic][FILMS:James Sibley Watson/Robert Florey]
[KEYWORDS:Expressionism/Gothic/Domain Public]

Menilmontant [Instrumental 38 mn]
[ZIK:OP][FILM:Dimitri Kirsanoff]
[KEYWORDS:Expressionism/Masterpiece/Gothic/Domain Public]

Man Ray Omnibus [Instrumental 38 mn]
[KEYWORDS:Surrealism/Abstract/Neo classical/Domain Public]

The hearts of the age of colour [Instrumental 8 mn]
[ZIK:Gestalt OrchestrA/Brian Eno/David Byrne][FILMS:Orson Welles/Len Lye]
[KEYWORDS:Surrealism/Death/Post-punk/Electro/Domain Public]

Over Pop Art [English 5 mn]
[ZIK:Vivid Tribe Of Psychics][POETRY:John Cage]

V i d e o / D e a t h / P o w d e r [English 33 mn]
[ZIK:Yoshiwaku][FILM:Shi geru Izu miya]

The Nanook Incident [Instrumental 83 mn]
[ZIK:1KKWAY][FILM:Robert Flaherty]
[KEYWORDS:Glitch/Death/Haunted/North Pole/Documentary/Cult/Domain Public]

ESKIMO NOISE HUNTERS [Instrumental 83 mn]
[ZIK:1KKWAY][FILM:Nanook of the North]
[KEYWORDS:Cold Ambiant/Noise/Concrete/Documentary/Cult/Domain Public]

TRIP Thru The Noise Of A White Hole [Instrumental 65 mn]
[ZIK:K/W/A/Y][FILM:Stanley Kubrick]
[KEYWORDS:Drone/Space/Travel/Anti Gravity/Blackhole/Interstellar/Conspiracy/Domain Public]

The Allowed Fruit Of The Paradise [English 95 mn]
[ZIK:Parrhesia Sound System][FILMS:Vera Chytilova]

GNAWA Tribute : Night And Day [Instrumental 8 mn]
[ZIK:OP][FILM:Franck C assenti]
[KEYWORDS:Exorcism/Electro Ethnic/World Music]

Invasion Of The Thunderbolt Posterized Pagoda [Instrumental 30 mn]
[ZIK:Yoshiwaku][FILM:Ira Cohen]

Teatro Sin Fin [Instrumental 17 mn]
[ZIK:Gestalt OrchestrA][FILM:Alejandro Jodorowsky]

Mixed Fragments of Gurdjieff Life [Instrumental 71 mn]
[ZIK:Parrhesia Sound System][FILM:Peter Brook]

Gandhi Murmurs [English 8 mn]
[ZIK:Chromatic][FILM:Slavko Vorkapich & John Hoffman]

Zombies In Chinatown [English 5 mn]
[ZIK:Vivid Tribe Of Psychics][POETRY:Phast Phreddie]
[FILM:George A. Romero]
[KEYWORDS:Zombies/Undead/Darkjazz/Triphop/Cult Film/Horror]

Mission Control [English 4 mn]
[ZIK:Vivid Tribe Of Psychics][POETRY:Ivan E. Roth]

First Sins [Instrumental 7 mn]
[ZIK:La 6ème République][FILMS:Guy Debord & Len Lye]

When Rodika met Dodika [Instrumental 10 mn]
[ZIK:Twin Realities Dreamers][FILMS:Stanley Brakhage & Andrzej Pawlowski]
[KEYWORDS:Electronic/Improvisation/Kaossilator/Post-Rock/Medical/Early/Conceptual films]

Electronic Yoga Experience [English 4 mn]
[ZIK:Vivid Tribe Of Psychics][POETRY:Allen Ginsberg][FILM:Nam June Paik]
[KEYWORDS:Electronic/Yoga/Beat Generation/Poetry/Transgression]

musichOSpiTal [English 9 mn]
[ZIK:Vivid Tribe Of Psychics]
[KEYWORDS:Alienation/Bad Trip/Extreme/Overdose/Glitch art]

DarkWood OO [Instrumental 24 mn]
[ZIK:Colonel Gore VS Parrhesia Sound System][FILMS:Georges Méliès & Secundo de Chomo]
[KEYWORDS:Early/Silent films/Hell/Fantastic/Classic film]

Autumn Fire [French 15 mn]
[ZIK:Twin Realities Dreamers][POETRY:Claude Pélieu][FILM:Herman G. Weinberg ]
[KEYWORDS:Expressionism/Spleen/Beat Generation/French Poetry/Classic film]

LOVE UTOPIA : Brown Ketamine [English 54 mn]
[ZIK:Vivid Tribe Of Psychics][POETRY:John Keats & Kenneth Patchen][FILMS:George Kuchar]
[KEYWORDS:Avant-garde/Cut-Up/Acid/Psychedelic/LSD/Beat Generation]

Mystic Vibration [Instrumental 36 mn]
[ZIK:Vivid Tribe Of Psychics][FILMS:Jane Arden & Jack Bond & Len Lye]

Synchronicity Or Breathing [Instrumental 28mn]
[ZIK:OresteS][FILMS:Toshio Matsumoto & Ed End]
[KEYWORDS:Butoh/Contemporary Dance/Abstract/Nature/Visual Poetry]

Fibonacci Sequence [Instrumental 2h 25mn]
[ZIK:OresteS][FILMS:Toshio Matsumoto & Michael Snow]
[KEYWORDS:Andy Warhol/VJing /Experimental Animation/Visual Poetry/Subliminal]

Alpha Fibonacci Ville [English 1h 38 mn]
[ZIK:Zone fusION][FILMS:Jean Luc Godard/Toshio Matsumoto & Michael Snow]
[KEYWORDS:Science-Fiction/Mashup/Sacred Geometry]

Lounge Sensual Dreams [Instrumental 50 mn]
[ZIK:Walt Thisney & Chromatic][FILMS:Shuji Terayama/Takeshi It0h/Hollis Frampton/Bruce Baillie...]
[KEYWORDS:Erotic Art/Surrealism/Mashup/Symbolism/Erotism]

Who Scare the Dead ? [English 43 mn]
[ZIK:CorteX][FILMS:Shuji Terayama/Takeshi It0h/Hollis Frampton/Bruce Baillie...]
[KEYWORDS:Erotic Art/Surrealism/Mashup/Symbolism/Erotism]

Ordalie Found Footage [French 53 mn]
[ZIK:Zone fusION][FILMS:Ed End]
[KEYWORDS:Esoteric Art/Surreal/Occult/Symbolism/Mystical]

The Coronation Of Simulacra or The Sacrament Of Spirituality [French 53 mn]
[ZIK:Zone fusION][FILMS:Various Artists remix by Ed End]
[KEYWORDS:Outsider Art/Subliminal/Mashup/Mixup/CutUp/Philosophie]

Hardcore Mania [French 24 mn]
[ZIK:?][FILMS:Antoinetta Angelidi/Hermann Nitsch/ Otto Muehl/Pierre Clementi/Jordan Belson/Åke Karlung]

Poets Blood On The Highway [Instrumental 51 mn]
[ZIK:Parrhesia Sound system][FILMS:Jim Morrison/Jean Cocteau/René Clair/Emile Cohl/Samuel Becket]

Dark Lightning [English 23 mn]
[ZIK:Claire Obscure][FILMS:Dore O/Willy Braque/Bruce Conner/Yevgent Yufit/Pat O'Neill/Chas Wyndham/Jack Chambers]

Illusions Tape [English 67 mn]
[ZIK:Zone fusION][FILMS:Ken Jacobs/Beth B]
[KEYWORDS:Avant-Garde/Abstract/Magic Lantern/Surrealism/Mixup]

Illusion Of Paradise [English dub / Sous-Titres français 18 mn]
[ZIK:TKno BeurK][FILMS:1984]
[KEYWORDS:George Orwell/Propaganda/Freedom/Remix]

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